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Social Work

Intensive, home-based social work services are provided by a registered social worker to assist families and individuals who are struggling with personal, family or social issues. Please ring Sharon Ph 9570220 if you would like further information.

Seasons for Growth

This is a Grief and Loss programme. It is not a therapy group, rather it is a support and educational group, which gives participants an understanding of the stages they are going through, and helps them manage their feelings better. This is a eight week course and will be advertised from time to time. For further information contact Sharon Ph 9750220.

LINK Volunteer Mentor Programme

From time to time we will be developing programmes to meet specific needs in the community. One of the programmes we have developed is a volunteer mentor programme called L.I.N.K. The purpose of LINK is to match people who need ongoing support up with a volunteer to help them work towards specific goals.  Click here for more information

Catholic Family Support services provides a wrap around service to improve the well being of individuals and families in need.

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