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We provide Social Work, Family Support and Budget services to families and individuals in need

Hamilton Services Tauranga Moana Services

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Catholic Family Support Services have been a respected social service agency in Hamilton since 1980. We provide social social services primarily to families, and financial mentoring for people struggling to manage on limited incomes. Our services are free and available to anyone, regardless of their beliefs.
For Further Information Contact Ph 078563760.

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Tauranga Moana

We have this year, opened an outreach in Tauranga Moana. It is currently operating four days per week – with social work services being offered two days per week each at St Thomas Aquinas (Tauranga city) and St Thomas More (Mt Maunganui) parish sites. The social work services are available to families and individuals for any personal, family or social issue where external support and assistance is sought. For further information contact Ph 07 975 0220

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Hamilton Services

Family Support

Social work services for families who require some support to manage the challenges they face.

Children's Team

We are active members of Hamiltons Children’s team, with a Lead Professional and members of the Children’s Action Network on our team.

Financial Mentoring

Our staff can work with you to help people struggling to achieve their financial goals.

Provision of basic resources

We can access food, clothing and other basics for people who are struggling.

Supervised Contact

We provide a safe environment where children can have contact with their parents.


Our skilled staff run grief programmes, money management programmes and cooking classes.

Tauranga Moana Services

Social Work

Services provided by a registered social worker to assist families and individuals who are struggling with the issues facing them.

LINK Volunteer Mentoring Programme

This programme aims to match people with a need for ongoing support with a mentor who can support them through this period. The programme is still in developmental stage, and we have a small but growing pool of volunteers.

Seasons for Growth

A Grief and Loss programme which we offer to primary school age Children

Our Vision

Strong families and whanau

Our Philosopy

Our overall philosophy can be summed up by the words- Keeping Hope Alive. In other words we see the potential in each and every individual and see our role as helping them achieve their potential, no matter how much their circumstances have worked against them.

Our Work

We work by providing social work and financial mentoring services (previously Budgeting services) to anyone in need. The service is free of charge and available to all people no matter what their beliefs

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Our Values

Whakapapa: it is important that we understand the identity of each person and assist them to clarify themselves and their relationships with others

Whanaungatanga: engaging in practice that is culturally sustaining, strengthens relationships, and is mutually contributing and connecting.

Aroha:  compassionate, empathetic, and accepting of every person no matter what their circumstances

Manaakitanga – providing a safe environment, welcoming and respectful to all people regardless of their circumstances

Kotahitanga –working together as a team, supporting each other, a community of love, trust and justice based on the examples and values of Jesus Christ.

Integrity:   we are dependable, reliable and always act in good faith. We are deeply committed to providing service to the best of our ability to our communities

Catholic Family Support services provides a wrap around service to improve the well being of individuals and families in need.

What people say about us

We are a lot happier, confident and stronger and we would like to give a big thank you to everyone that has worked with us.-